Mippin feed validation KEY=5abf6f5d mfvkvfm1639

<%@ Language="VBScript" %>
<% ' AdMob Publisher Code ' Language: VBScript ' Version: 20081105 ' Copyright AdMob, Inc., All rights reserved ' Documentation at Dim admobRequiredParams, admobOptionalParams Set admobRequiredParams = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") Set admobOptionalParams = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") Call admobRequiredParams.Add("PUBLISHER_ID", "a14db84d7b4c46b") ' Required to request ads. To find your Publisher ID, log in to your AdMob account and click on the "Sites & Apps" tab. Call admobRequiredParams.Add("ANALYTICS_ID", "your_analytics_site_id") ' Required to collect Analytics data. To find your Analytics ID, log in to your Analytics account and click on the "Edit" link next to the name of your site. Call admobRequiredParams.Add("COOKIE_DOMAIN", "") ' If your mobile site uses multiple subdomains, replace "" with your root domain (e.g. "") to make the AdMob cookie visible across subdomains. Call admobRequiredParams.Add("AD_REQUEST", True) ' To request an ad, set to True. Call admobRequiredParams.Add("ANALYTICS_REQUEST", False) ' To enable the collection of analytics data, set to True. Call admobRequiredParams.Add("TEST_MODE", True) ' While testing, set to True. When you are ready to make live requests, set to False. ' Additional optional parameters are available at: 'Call admobOptionalParams.Add("title", "Insert Page Title Here") ' Analytics allows you to track site usage based on custom page titles. Enter custom title in this parameter. 'Call admobOptionalParams.Add("event", "Insert Event Name Here") ' To learn more about events, log in to your Analytics account and visit this page: ' Send request to AdMob. To make additional ad requests per page, copy and paste this function call elsewhere on your page. Response.Write(AdmobRequest(admobRequiredParams, admobOptionalParams)) ' Free memory after last AdMob request Set admobRequiredParams = Nothing Set admobOptionalParams = Nothing ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' Do not edit below this line ' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' %>

GWG4ZT6HEBPS  .for more info see here


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