Medal Of Honor U.S. vs. Taliban

Medal of honor the U.S. vs. the Taliban are formidable. Game on this one as if to invite you to be in the middle of a real battle. Luxuriance bullet, blast bombs, until the enemy who came out no end coupled with beautiful visuals and a smooth 3D animation offers suspense as well as to the appeal.
The unique game that consists of single-player mode (campaign) and the multiplayer was developed by EA Los Angeles two parties specifically make games solo. While EA Digital illusions CE develops its multiplayer game. Second game mode it was using a different game engine.
This game is intentionally made with a view serealistik possible. Even rumors EA contracted consultants from the U.S. military to create the design and gaming environments that resemble the original.
Once the game in the halted when the U.S. side intends invasion of Afghanistan after the 11th of september. You'll play as soldiers from the army DEVGRU coded name "RABBIT" besides, you also can choose a position as a sniper with the code name "Deuce", Army Specialist Rangger named Dante Adams, or sniper AH-64 Apache helicopter named Brad "Hawk" Hawkins.
Mission in single player mode is similar to actual military missions, ranging from hunting down terrorists, rescue hostages, through undercover operations. Its main mission is clear kill all Taliban troops in the encounter.
The fighting in open areas will require you to keep vigilant and also sniper fire. if injured or shot your opponent will cover the blood splattered point of view. Battle area vary from the rubble rubble rubble housing to broader fields. Unfortunately the single player game is short.

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