Promote your blog via BlogUpp!

           What is BlogUpp? BlogUpp is a free service to promote your blog in order to appear in a blog in pairs with a widget from BlogUpp by displaying a random blog, will indirectly give effect to traffic visits

            The trick is very easy to install widgets from BlogUpp links by simply entering your own blog..!!when less understand me give a little example:
  • Go to address BlogUpp!
  • Fill in the URL Blog buddies
  • Click Get widget
  • After that comes the HTML code, copy its HTML code
  • If my friend wants change model position, how to live just click on the HTML code there are a variety of positions, after a friend click, then automatically the HTML code below it will also change
  • Paste the HTML code in your blog by clicking the Layout, click Add a Gadget, HTML / Javascript, paste the code and save and see the results.

    Good luck Promote your blog via BlogUpp!!

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