Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3
  • Manufacturer : PopCap Games
  • Publisher         : PopCap Games
  • Genre              : Puzzle
  • Players            : single player
  • Release date   : December 7, 2010
  • PC Requirements: (Minimum) Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Pentium 3. 1.2 GHz, AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz, 1GB memory, 64MB graphics card, 320MB hard disk space.
Fans of puzzle games would know Bejewel. The game offers a classic indeed, but not discourage people to continue to play it. Proven to all three versions are now in release.

Bejeweled game model still relies on the ranks of the ranks of gem that is ready to be set. The challenge is to develop the gems with same color to form at least three gems in a vertical row or horizontal. How to make do with swapping positions between the gems. Once lined up three gems will disappear and produce bonus points.
If diamonds are lined up were four you will get a flaming jewel which, if successful in flats lined with the same type, will cause an explosion that would deteriorate the jewel jewel around and get a bonus for you. If diamonds are arranged can be lined up more than four and form a junction, the gem may turn into a more powerful bomb.

For Relaxation
In order for the game run more smooth mind must also be relaxed when playing Bejeweled 3. He cried no mode so that you can play more relaxed "Zen Mode" name. This mode is similar to Endless Mode in Bejeweled 2 where the game is not in limiting the time and you can play it until satisfied.
But the fun is not unlimited time mode, but the song that accompanies this game in the form of Audio Sound that has elements of relaxation, Natural Voice and respiratory modulation. Similar songs that use the pad in relaxation or meditation session. As a result you can be helped to be more relaxed playing Bejeweled.
Oh yes, if all existing game modes are played one by one out of four new modes "secret mode" will open. They Is Butterflies, Diamond Mine, Ice Storm, and Poker.

65 badges
Overview of the popular game made by PopCap is the same as the previous series series. However, an additional blessing fashion you will find many new challenges after the game and play it some time. In summary there are four new modes in the offer with a better visual and an opportunity to gain 65 badges.

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