Offroad racers

offroad racers
There's enough there is a racing type game to date. Although the shrinkage to a more narrow in scope (freeware), still the game of this type can not be numbered in number. But in between it all just a bit that displays the level of the appeal and the high-tension. Well, one free racing game that you can try is offroad racers.
Overall, this game includes 8 types of cars with different advantages and disadvantages of types of monster trucks, rally cars, pickups, and bugie. There are 18 tracks which will open one after each race you win.
Just like most racing games, the vehicle is controlled by the arrow keys (up, down, left and right). In addition, also provided a turbo mode that will make you the speeding vehicle.
4 mode
There are 4 types of racing modes that you can choose: contest, time attack, circuit race, and the elimination race. Contest you can choose if you want to follow the existing racing scenario. Starting from the first track, will be continued if ye have been through it by being at least in third. If you select a time attack, you must pass through each check-points before the time fixed in the right end, you can record the best record time which could be a reference to win the next race.
Circuit race
Can you choose if you want to follow the race at random. Here you can choose the path can not be open before you go on and win contest choice. For those who want to heighten tensions, please select the mode elimination race.
Fraudulent or dishonest
You could win a race in many ways, can be dishonest or fraudulent manner. If you want honest, you're in demanded for smart - smart control for stable and drove the vehicle without resistance. Whereas want a little cunning, you could try to block the opponent by means rammed vehicle for their cars going off track or to fall apart.
Each vehicle is equipped with a turbo mode to boost its speed is much faster. But be careful, because if you continually use it, the machine will heat which can eventually blow up your vehicle.

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